Whimsical Wednesday

I’m back!!  Feeling fresh and empowered!

Wow its been so long since I last had the passion and power to to sit here at my computer and write a post for the wonderful world to see. Life happens and can take us on many paths. I’m very happy to say that my path has led me back here. Over the last year or so I have been on a journey of rest. I sat back and watched the world go by as I brought up my two little-ones and enjoyed family time. A lot has gone on, family members have come and gone and with those changes, many life lessons have come my way. Some lessons were questioning who I was and where I stood in the world and what worth is in my dreams. Today I feel like I have had a magical spring clean upon my soul and I am excited for life. I stand tall, proud and strong within my dreams and enjoy living and breathing them. If I am happy and those who I hold dear around me are happy, then life is good.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Love, Sarah x

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