Cleanse the day away with The Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter!!

The simplest, gentlest way to cleanse your face after a day/night of full make up is to use the body shop’s Camomile cleaning butter. It feels like silk on your skin. Simply massage into your face or not so elegantly just rub it in and wipe off with a damp cloth or cotton pad. It’s actually quit fun to look in the mirror before wiping off… here is me looking like Joker.

Joker Face!

No more need for wipes!!

The fully recyclable tin, it’s perfect for taking away on camping trips and Festivals, where finding a sink is limited. I went to Moonbeams festival earlier this year with my Dad. Whilst camping , I found the camomile cleaning butter perfect for taking away my full face of make up at 3am in my little tent. Every trace of makeup was removed by simply massaging a small amount of the balm into my face and wiping away with a face cloth and believe me, I went full on with the makeup! Bright red lipstick, eye-liner, star stamps on my temple and mascara. 

With calming camomile extract from Norfolk England, the cleanser is suitable for the gentlest and most sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and found it felt gorgeous on my skin leaving it feeling silky, soft and moisturised. It so gentle its suitable for contact lens wearers, no more irritated eyes.

Fresh clean face after using the Camomile cleansing butter.

Im so pleased the body shop have brought out such an easy to use product that replaces the need for wipes which take years to disintegrate. Anything that does what is says on the tin and helps the environment gets a thumbs-up from me! Thank you Body Shop! 

I’m proud to be a body shop at home consultant. Check out my FB group Sarah’s Beauties for more info, tutorials and products. I deliver anywhere in the UK.

Me and Freya had some fun during Covid-19 lockdown. She drew on my face with face paints an I demonstrate how easily the cleansing balm melts away all traces of face paint.

Sarah x

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