DIY Bath melts and lip scrub

Looking for something fun to do with the kids, or a Sunday afternoon craft? Me at the kids have so much fun making our own bath melts and lip scrubs. You literally only need three ingredients. It really is so simple and satisfying to do and the end result is perfect for a Sunday evening pamper.

Me and the kids having fun filming our DIY bath melt video for YouTube.

The melts make any bath super silky and luxurious. I really don’t feel like I need to moisturise after using a bath melt.

The lip scrub is perfect for keeping your lips soft, smooth and hydrated.

What you will need

  • The base for both these DIY’s is ‘Shea Butter‘. You can find raw shea butter online and in some health food shops. My favourite one to use is the 100% Natural Shea Butter from The Body Shop. It’s made in Ghana by and amazing group of women called the Tungtaiya Womens Shea Butter Association. I was lucky enough to meat Madame Fati from the Association, I have a blog piece on this if you would like to hear more about them and their partnership with Dame Anita Roddick and The Body Shop.
Warming up the shea butter with our hands to make more playable to scoop out into our moulds.
  • For the bath melts you will also need your favourite bubble bath or shower gel, I like to use The Body Shop’s shower gels as they come in many different scents and the all smell so good and make the best bubbles.
  • You will need a ice cube mould, I find the silicone ones are easier to pop out the finished melt as we will be freezing them. The silicone moulds are so flexible making it simple and easy to pop out your finished melts.

For the scrub you will need sugar. You can use any sugar, although I would recommend a grain sugar such as caster or granulated. Something like coconut sugar might be two soft and give a scrub like texture. Experiment and see which is your favourite sugar

I would love to hear in the comments which sugar you like to use best.

  • You will need a bowl for mixing and a little pot or jar to keep your finished scrub in. A mini jam jar like the ones you get in café’s and hotels would be perfect. I use my Body Shop At Home sample pots but any small pot or tub would be suitable.

how to make the bath melts

Our house smells incredible when we make these, especially when we come to run our baths.

100% Natural Shea Butter – The Body Shop
Adding one teaspoon of the shea butter to the silicone ice cube mould to make our shea butter melts.
  • Shower gel or bubble bath. We like to use a few different scents but you could keep it simple and use one. Half fill each mould and mix in with the shea butter using a small tool such as a cocktail stick. You can skip this part and fill to the top if you wish. There is no right or wrong way. We find that mixing makes it more fun for the kids but both ways make great bath melts.

Once you have made the amount of melts you desire, place them on a flat surface in your freezer. Leave for a few hours or over night to freeze. Once frozen, you could pop one out two melts out into your running bath.

Two finished frozen bath melts ready to go in the bath.

Top Tips

I always add them to a bath when it is running to produce bubbles. If you add them to the bath once it is filled, the melts won’t produce any bubbles.

I find that the bath isn’t oily or filled with residue after using the melts. This will depend on the amount of she butter you use in each bath. I find two melts is sufficient in a deep bath and one for a shallow bath.

How to make lip scrub

  • Add one spoonful of shea butter with one spoonful of your chosen sugar into a bowl and mix. A smaller grain of sugar will make a gentler scrub. If you would like to make a larger batch, keep the quantities in equal parts.
Mixing the shea butter with the sugar to make the scrub.
  • keep it plain and simple or add a couple of drops of a good quality essential oil to fragrance it. I like to use ‘Neals Yard’ Peppermint oil to make my scrub super uplifting refreshing.
  • Pop the scrub mix into a container and use right away. I use mine every day to help keep my lips super moisturised and flake free. The sugar smoothes your lips and the shea butter moisturises, giving the perfect base for your favourite lippy.
Lip scrub in a sample pot ready to use.

other ideas and uses

You can use pure she butter as a moisturiser and lip balm. So why not pop a small amount in a little pot for on the go. I keep one in my gym bag and on my desk.

This lip scrub recipe and method could easily be used in larger quantities to make a body scrub. Maybe add some coconut oil, sea salt and a few drops your favourite essential oil. You could make it look beautiful by adding some fresh or dried lavender to make the experience even more luxurious. Perfect for relaxing into a bedtime routine.

I hope you enjoy making your bath melts & lip scrub. I would live to see your creations and hear what scents you like to use.

Below is a video of me and my kids having lots of fun making our own melts and scrubs.

Hear the story of the shea butter at The Body Shop here

100% Natural Shea Butter – The Body Shop

Sarah x

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