Organic Fat Free Vegan Rice Pudding

A family favourite

vegan rice pudding

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cosy vegan rice pudding topped with a generous spoonful of sweet freedom choc pot.

One of my favourite things I love to batch make every week is my organic vegan rice pudding. It’s so delicious, filling and made from such natural ingredients it’s a winner. Ready and on hand to tuck into from the fridge, gorgeous HOT or COLD, this rice pudding is perfect as a delicious Breakfast, Pudding, snack, heated up it makes for a perfect supper, all cosy and carbohydrate rich, it’s great to help aid a restful sleep. You can even whiz a spoonful up with some almond milk for a bedtime smoothie maybe by adding a spoonful of cacao and/or a couple of dates. I even indulge in a portion as a main meal and the kids love it! 

Me and Freddie are carb loading sharing a bowl of rice pudding we made the other day. Having a chilled sofa day as feeling shattered with winter bugs in the air 😪 #ricepuddung #sharing #sofa #snuggles #comfortfood #healthy #pudding or in our case just lunch ✌💛
warm vegan rice pudding topped with almond milk, cinnamon and raw cacao nibs.


Serves 6 – 8 dependant or portion sizes 


  • In a large pan add 1 cup of pudding rice and one teaspoon of cinnamon along with one pinch of sea salt
  • Pour in 1ltr of unsweetened almond milk
  • Stir on a low heat, cover and leave to simmer stirring occasionally for about 30 – 40 minuets, until it looks a nice thick consistency and the rice is cooked through and no longer hard
  • Once cooked turn of the heat and leave to sit covered for 10 minutes or so to cool and thicken to a good eating temperature.
  • Serve topped with your favourite topping, ie agave nectar, sweet freedom choc pot, coconut sugar, cinnamon, cacao nibs, nuts, fruit – the possibilities are endless try out a few different ones and tell me your favourite. 
  • remember you can always add a spoonful with some almond or coconut milk to make a yummy bedtime smoothie or healthy breakfast by adding some cacao, dates, cinnamon and/or any other ingredients you love.

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Love Sarah x



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Organic Healthy Vegan Pancakes for healthy happy kids…(and adults).



banoffee pancakes made with the recipe below, topped with cocoyo coconut yoghurt, agave nectar, pecan nuts & blueberries. the apple slices are topped with peanut butter & cacao nibs.

We all love pancakes in our house and as yesterday was pancake day, we celebrated with pancakes for breakfast dinner and tea. Yes we love them that much! if we had been awake long enough we may have even enjoyed a pancake supper!

Because we love pancakes so much a few years ago I wanted to come up with a healthier version then the traditional mix for the kids and myself to enjoy. My first reaction was to use Organic oats instead of traditional flour. I then used almond milk and added a banana into the mix for thickness and sweetness. I add cinnamon for depth and to help reduce those sugar cravings and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to bring out all the flavours.  This mix went down a treat and the kids couldn’t even tell the difference.  My eldest of 7, then 4 and very fussy, loved them and thought I had been making them that way all along! I was thrilled and so happy that we could now enjoy pancakes as often as we wanted,  knowing they were healthy and no longer just a treat.

protein pancakes made by adding The organic protein company’s Organic whey protein. Topping is Rachel’s Organic yoghurt and The groovy food company’s agave nectar.

With all the ingredients being natural and basic cupboard staples, it’s always easy to knock up a batch of healthy pancakes in minuets.

I adapt the recipe almost every time by adding goji berries or chia seeds to thicken up the batter and give us a variation of vitamins and flavour.  We sometimes add coconut oil, peanut butter or raw cacao. You could add anything. why not make them into protein pancakes by adding a scoop of your favourite protein powder or a teaspoon of your favourite super food such as matcha, baobab, acia or maca? the possibilies are vast and yours to experiment  with. Let me know what you like to add to your healthy happy pancakes. x

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